Like most, when you go on a trip you may be looking for the best places to take pictures. At the Galt House, there are numerous locations to get that perfect instagram worthy shot! From its beautiful exterior to its exquisite interior spaces, this iconic hotel provides a plethora of backdrops that are sure to elevate your Instagram feed.

Main Street between the Two Towers:

Right on Main Street, the outdoor space nestled between the two towers makes for the perfect Instagram worthy photo! The Galt House towers have been an iconic spot for a photo in Louisville since 1984 and the symmetrical architecture of the towers frame each shot perfectly! At night, the Conservatory is lit up in various colors, making for a flawless backdrop!

Swizzle Restaurant:

Step inside the Swizzle restaurant, a true culinary delight, and a visual treat for your Instagram feed. This contemporary dining spot offers a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere with modern decor and elegant style. Photograph your meticulously plated gourmet meal, showcase the colorful cocktails against the backdrop of the trendy bar, or capture the view 25 floors above the city!

Artwork in the Veranda Area:

In the East tower, right of the main lobby our Veranda area offers multiple instagram worthy photo locations. Adorned with the perfect natural lighting, captivating artwork, and intricate designs, this space offers a unique opportunity to create stunning images. From contemporary paintings to our Veranda bar, this area is a hidden gem in the Galt House!

Down One Patio:

Venture down to Down One Patio, tucked away beneath the Galt House Hotel. This open-air patio boasts a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, complete with cozy seating, string lights, and an urban aesthetic. Photograph some of Louisville’s best tacos, the rustic atmosphere, or capture candid moments of laughter and conversations among friends. This spot is perfect for showcasing the lively social scene of Louisville.

The Lobby:

No visit to the Galt House Hotel would be complete without capturing the grandeur of the lobby. The combination of classic elegance and modern touches creates a breathtaking setting for your Instagram shots. From the magnificent chandeliers to the marble floors and sweeping staircase, the lobby exudes sophistication and timeless beauty. Experiment with different angles, utilize the natural light, and let the opulence of the surroundings take center stage.

The Conservatory:

In between the towers, visiting the Conservatory is a must on your trip to the Galt House. With floor to ceiling windows, cozy seating, and Louisville’s longest bar, the Conservatory offers many opportunities for unique and aesthetic Instagram worthy photos! Capture both the city and the river view, the craft cocktails, or your perfect selfie.


With its diverse range of captivating spaces, the Galt House Hotel offers an abundance of Instagram-worthy spots. Whether you’re capturing the beauty at any of these spaces, the view from your waterfront balcony, or the Pegasus throughout the hotel, you’re sure to get the perfect shot! So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and let the Galt House Hotel be your backdrop for unforgettable Instagram moments.